As professional coaches the owners of Sporting Edge felt that running a specialist store wasn't enough especially when sport is their passion. Alongside building a small indoor training facility in their store, the owners also wanted to extend their coaching and offer it to those outside of Christchurch. 

Sporting Edge has a talented lineup of coaches with the ability to cater player specific camps to your individual needs whether it be club, school or regional. The owners at Sporting Edge are happy to talk through specific programs that will work for you and your team. The best thing about it, is Sporting Edge comes to YOU!


  • To develop and upskill New Zealand hockey players across the age groups.

  • To develop and upskill New Zealand hockey coaches surrounding technique, strategies and session planning.

  • To give players and coaches strategies leading into/ and during their hockey season.

The player specific programs are developed by the coaches at Sporting Edge to meet your individual needs. 

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