Adidas Estro 7


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The adidas Estro 7 Hockey Stick!

Designed for offensive players, the fibreglass construction is powerful and smooth when it contacts the ball, while absorbing shock and vibrations for a soft touch.

  • PURE CONTROL HEAD: The new Pure Control Head offers a bigger surface for ultimate control of the ball in all situations. Based on the former classic head shape it is shaped for reduced head weight and a centralised sweet spot.

  • ADIBOW24: Perfectly balanced mid-bow to easily control passing, hitting, dribbling and speed. Great for beginners, loved by pro athletes.

  • Polyurethane Grip: The stick handle is wrapped in polyurethane tape for a comfortable, secure, and cushioned grip.

  • 10% Carbon / 85% Fibreglass / 5% Aramid.

  • Weight: 520 GM +/-.

  • Balance: 370mm.

  • Bow: ADIBOW24.

  • Point of Maximum Bow from bottom: 250MM.