Adidas Ruzo Hybraskin 3 37.5


The Adidas Ruzo Hybraskin .3 Hockey stick will cast a spell on your opponent and eliminate them from the play. The Ruzo franchise is designed to entertain, with a low bow and 3D head making skills and tricks easy to execute. The Ruzo Hybraskin .3 is completely wrapped in Hybraskin to create an incredibly maneuverable and light stick. Add in a 3D Head and skills will never be easier to execute. The structure of the .3 stick is created for maximum stiffness, resulting in ultimate power generation.

  • Low Bow – TX Shape - 220mm/24mm
  • 3D Head Shape 
  • HYBRASKIN / FULL STICK COVERAGE: Forms a woven carbon composite layer around the stick fusing soft touch with power, to create a powerful stick with no loss of control. Gives ultimate levels of control and feel.
  • 3D GEOMETRY: Stiffens the shaft, increasing hitting power.
  • EPOXY CORE: In the head, helps to produce a more consistent structure, improving the response when passing and receiving the ball.