Kookaburra Pro 4.0 Batting Pads 23/24


The Kookaburra Pro 4.0 Classic Batting Pads!

Made for the traditional-minded player, the Pro 4.0 Classic Batting Pad features Traditional Cane Styling, Pro Tec Internal Knee Roll, and Double Horizontal Bolster Reinforcement for a leg guard that performs under almost any condition.

  • Traditional Cane Styling.

  • Ergonomic Pro Tec Internal Knee Roll.

  • Super Soft three-piece Internal Bolsters.

  • Double Horizontal Bolster Reinforcement.

  • Three Piece External Knee Roll.

  • Extended Side Wing.

  • Padded Straps with Velcro Closure.

  • Durable Instep Piping.