Kookaburra Pro 9.0 SF Batting Pads 23/24


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The Kookaburra Pro 9.0 Slim-Fit Ambidextrous Batting Pads!

Ideal for younger players, the Pro 9.0 Slim Fit Batting Pad features Reverse Cane and Foam Styling, Padded Internal Knee Roll, and Ambidextrous Twin Wing Construction for a versatile leg guard that meets the demands of entry level cricket.

  • Reverse Cane and Foam Styling.

  • Padded Internal Knee Roll.

  • Padded Three Piece Internal Bolsters.

  • Three Piece External Knee Roll.

  • Ambidextrous Twin Wing Construction.

  • Three Strap Configuration with Velcro Closure.

  • Durable Instep Piping.