PRO STAFF 97L V14 Tennis Racket 4 1/4


The Wilson Pro Staff 97L v14 Tennis Racket!

Want the head-light feel and precision of the popular Pro Staff series in a frame that's easier to use?

Featuring a refined, elegant design and colouring inspired by rich earth tones, the Wilson Pro Staff 97L v14 is a lighter version of the iconic Pro Staff 97 v14, with the same Braid FORTYFIVE° construction that offers a pronounced pocketing feel.

Designed with increased bending through the shaft and hoop, this racket offers power along with pinpoint control.

  • Paradigm Bending: Unique, carbon fibre construction optimizes the hoop and shaft's bending profile for elevated flexibility without losing any of the power needed for the modern swing.

  • Braid 45 Construction: Unique construction that arranges double-braided fibres at 45-degree angles that provide incredible stability and an elevated pocketing feel.

  • Ergonomic End Cap: Improved comfort and playability thanks to the Ergonomic End Cap.

  • String Mapping: A denser string bed provides elevated feel and outstanding precision.