Pro Staff Precision RXT 105 Red 4 1/4


The Wilson Pro Staff Precision RXT 105 Tennis Racket!

Unleash your full potential on the court with the Pro Staff Precision RXT 105. This exceptional racket is engineered to inspire players to swing with confidence, offering remarkable playability and versatility. Its thoughtfully designed features elevate your game to new heights.

  • Expanded Sweet Spot: The slightly larger head size of the Pro Staff Precision RXT 105 amplifies the sweet spot, granting you greater forgiveness and improved performance even on off-centre hits.

  • Enhanced Control: The innovative Planar Beam construction ensures added control during gameplay, allowing you to place shots precisely and dominate the court with every swing.

  • Empowered Power: Larger grommet holes contribute to enhanced power generation, enabling you to hit powerful shots with ease, making a significant impact on your game.

  • Tour-Inspired Design: Merging style with substance, the Pro Staff Precision RXT 105 features a tour-inspired design that exudes sophistication and confidence, making you stand out on the court.