Tecnifibre TF X-1 275 L2 Racket 23/24


The TF-X1 275 tennis racket is a next-generation racket created to boost power all while maximising stability, tolerance and comfort. The frame ergonomics have been optimsed with a rounded head size and reinforced sections for enhanced powered and stability. Isoflex technology, an all-new progressive section design, with more rigid short strings and longer long strings for the most flexible string pattern. It allows players to maintain speed and precision with off-centre shots. The exclusive shock absorbing technology X-Damp reduces harmful racket vibrations by up to 36%: less fatigue and more performance. The TF-X1 275 tennis racket is the lightest in the range (275 g in weight) and the most tolerant because of the large 680 cm² head size. The best choice for club players. Sold unstrung.

Composition: Full Graphite
Weight: 275g
Head Size: 105in2
Balance: 330mm
Beam: 22.5mm
String Pattern: 16 x 19
String: Un-strung
Model: 14TFX2752