Wilson Clash 100 V2.0 (22)


Wilson Clash 100 V2.0 Unstrung 2022 

The evolution of Clash features rich, unique design paired with performance defined by a supreme blend of power, feel and control. Patent-protected carbon construction allows the racket to bend with maximum flexibility and stability at impact, giving players of all skill levels and swing styles more on-court confidence than ever before.

The hero model of the groundbreaking and immensely popular Clash line, the Clash 100 v2 slightly revises the recipe for more consistency, more sustainability and a more killer design. An immediate appeal for its blend of flexibility and stability for a feeling unlike any other, this racket elevates playability thanks to a revised construction at the tip of the hoop that significantly enlarges the sweet spot. Agiplast plant-based bumper, grommets and end cap incorporate sustainable components for a reduced footprint on the environment. An embossed Clash logo on the throat completes a racket that pairs dynamic looks with even more dynamic performance. 

-100 sq in headsize and weight offer ideal balance of power and control

-FORTYFIVE° comprises a patent-protected carbon construction that creates maximum flexibility and stability at impact for an uncompromising blend of power, control and feel

- Revised construction at tip of hoop supplies additional consistency and an enhanced sweet spot

-Innovative design features embossed Clash logo along throat and an anodized elastic finish for a clean, rich look on the court 

- Horizontal Bending creates industry-leading flexibility for increased control on horizontal, traditional swings

-Vertical Bending increases dwell time for players with vertical, modern swings

-Torsional Bending features proprietary carbon mapping to stabilize the extreme flexibility on off-center hits

-Parallel Drilling provides a consistent, more forgiving string bed response

- Agiplast plant-based bumper, grommet and end cap components reduce environmental footprint